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21 | Aspie | INTP | British | Genderfluid (any neutral pronoun grey-a pan-demiromantic person | Random as hell
Other things: Athiest | Intersectional | TV geek/multiple fandoms | Writer/character inventing addict | Archaeology Student | Fact and objectivity geek | General geek
OTPs include Sherlolly and Ten/Martha.
"There's no such thing as an ordinary human."-The Tenth Doctor
Points of view I hold: -Sherlock is non-neurotypical, and he is my Aspie hero. -I am an intersectional feminist. I have issues with almost everything as a result, but I will analyse and call out. I've had overloads because my views conflict with what i love (e.g..Sherlock). -I like personality typing, and think it's useful, if you do the cognitive functions. -Neurodiversity.
This blog will contain Tennant appreciation. Perfect human being alert.

This blog is run by a Cumberbatch fan (that's mild). This blog will contain Benny appreciation and love.
This blog is run by a Seth MacFarlane fan. This blog will contain Seth appreciation and love.

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no one knows you better than yourself

that’s like the most important thing i’ve ever learned

Yep. Anyone who says otherwise is a goddamn liar.

Yep. My mum always used to say “stop comparing yourself to other people you’re not them” or something like that.

It saved my life, she’s not the most logical person, but it’s so true, although inevitably Dani does it that way. 

I’m an Aspie, comparing my life to someone who’s neurotypical for example is always gonna going to make me feel “not good enough” or “lame” or “atypical”. But it’s all subjective. I went to the cinema and a restaurant with my family and this was an achievement for me in my context.

The only person that knows you truly is you, especially since I could never 100% fully explain my thoughts anyway, even with my psychology awareness, seriously.

Conforming makes no logical sense to me anywho.

Also, tumblr has taught me more about people and the world (i.e. reality, not my personal world) in two years than the rest of my life has.

Yeah, people baffle me, but I’d rather know too much than not enough, and not know that it was out there, even if it sucks sometimes (and it has), I understand why people do shit like that (used because, sometimes, they are mightily shitty). (#Cognitive biases gonna do cognitive bias.*) Even though, I’m really soft, and some aspects of reality scare me, because I’m a HSP even though I’m sometimes detached and logical.

Hi, I can’t sleep, this what I do.

*INTP or amateur psychology in-joke; ‘haters gonna hate’

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I actually went to a restaraunt and then the cinema.

Can I has a momentary fail?

I saw Snow White and the Huntsman. It held my attention so it must have been good.

Cinemas are not the most Aspie friendly places, but hey ho.


Chris Hemsworth.

That is all. 


My brother (blue) and his mate.
Sometimes I think I’m wrong, but sometimes I think, yeah, I’m right to call you my Sherlock.

My brother (blue) and his mate.

Sometimes I think I’m wrong, but sometimes I think, yeah, I’m right to call you my Sherlock.


sherlock meme ; six characters [6/6]
you’re a bit like my dad. he’s dead. no, sorry— when he was dying, he was always cheerful, he was lovely. except when he thought no one could see. i saw him once. he looked sad.

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“All the excess radiation gets vented inside there. Vinvocci glass contains it. All five hundred thousand rads about to flood that thing. Except it’s gone critical. Touch one control and it floods. Even this would set it off.”

“I’m Sorry…”


Day 2: Favourite Female Character: Molly Hooper


Day 2: Favourite Female Character: Molly Hooper

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