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21 | Aspie | INTP | British | Genderfluid (any neutral pronoun grey-a pan-demiromantic person | Random as hell
Other things: Athiest | Intersectional | TV geek/multiple fandoms | Writer/character inventing addict | Archaeology Student | Fact and objectivity geek | General geek
OTPs include Sherlolly and Ten/Martha.
"There's no such thing as an ordinary human."-The Tenth Doctor
Points of view I hold: -Sherlock is non-neurotypical, and he is my Aspie hero. -I am an intersectional feminist. I have issues with almost everything as a result, but I will analyse and call out. I've had overloads because my views conflict with what i love (e.g..Sherlock). -I like personality typing, and think it's useful, if you do the cognitive functions. -Neurodiversity.
This blog will contain Tennant appreciation. Perfect human being alert.

This blog is run by a Cumberbatch fan (that's mild). This blog will contain Benny appreciation and love.
This blog is run by a Seth MacFarlane fan. This blog will contain Seth appreciation and love.

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There is a difference, however between being born a biological male or female and the experience of being ‘gendered’ of the experience and cultural practices of being a woman or a man on a given society. It can be argued that that there is nothing ‘normal’ or ‘natural’ about acting like a man or a woman. For example, it was considered manly in the Middle Ages for elite men to weep and swoon on a regular basis; by the the nineteeth century, the women were doing the weeping and swooning while the men were keeping a stiff upper lip. In some cultures, women are cosidered sexually assertive and men are expected to be passive, and so on.

Gender, then, is socially constructed, even if we accept the argument that gender is usually assigned on a biological basis.

Johnson, Matthew. Archaeological Theory (2010: 129) 

Was just reading for an essay.

This book was given to me by my uni as reading.

" Gender, then, is socially constructed, even if we accept the argument that gender is usually assigned on a biological basis."


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