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21 | Aspie | INTP | British | Genderfluid (any neutral pronoun grey-a pan-demiromantic person | Random as hell
Other things: Athiest | Intersectional | TV geek/multiple fandoms | Writer/character inventing addict | Archaeology Student | Fact and objectivity geek | General geek
OTPs include Sherlolly and Ten/Martha.
"There's no such thing as an ordinary human."-The Tenth Doctor
Points of view I hold: -Sherlock is non-neurotypical, and he is my Aspie hero. -I am an intersectional feminist. I have issues with almost everything as a result, but I will analyse and call out. I've had overloads because my views conflict with what i love (e.g..Sherlock). -I like personality typing, and think it's useful, if you do the cognitive functions. -Neurodiversity.
This blog will contain Tennant appreciation. Perfect human being alert.

This blog is run by a Cumberbatch fan (that's mild). This blog will contain Benny appreciation and love.
This blog is run by a Seth MacFarlane fan. This blog will contain Seth appreciation and love.

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Dear Tumblr: Moffat knows what you’re doing!

Steven Moffat shouts out Whovians on Tumblr. He says to keep up the gifs and theories and memes.

(via BBCAmericaTV)

(via bookwormsociety)

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